Sans Pression

Sans Pression, whose real name is Kamenga Mbikay, is a Canadian rapper originally from Montreal. He is one of the founding fathers of the Quebec hip hop movement and also a member of the rap band Treizième Étage. He has often collaborated with members of his entourage, such as Yvon Krevé, Joe BG, Cobna, Philozoff and many more. He speaks French, English and Creole.

Kamenga was born in 1976 in Buffalo, NY, from Congolese parents, but grew up in Sherbrooke, Saint-Bruno and Montreal. Determined to earn a musical career, he founded Sans Pression in 1997 with a long-time friend, Ti-Kid.

His first studio album, 514-50 dans mon réseau, marked 1999 and was greatly successful with over 30,000 copies sold. At the time, he and Yvon Krevé became two of the rising figures on the Quebec rap scene. The Canadian Press considers 514-50 dans mon réseau to be one of the five albums having defined early Quebec rap. In 2004 Kamenga published a second version of it after adding a few tracks.

In 2003 Sans Pression released his second album, Répliques aux offusqués, which was welcomed as a far more mature album and quickly found itself first on the MusiquePlus chart. Sans Pression then collaborated with various companies, the likes of Xbox and Chrome Desjardins, on their marketing campaigns and was then awarded the MusiquePlus Artist of the Month award. He composed the music for and starred in the McDonald’s new campaign in Quebec.

In 2004 SP founded the label 13 Deep Recordz with his associate, producer and manager Jean-François Robert. The label’s mission was to independently control all aspects of album and show production as well as supporting new and local artists. At the Gala de l’ADISQ in 2004, Hip Hop Album of the Year winners Loco Locass offered their prize to sans Pression, judging that his album Réplique aux offusqués was more deserving of the award than theirs.

In 2005 Sans Pression opened for the Black Eyes Peas at the Bell Center and presented his interactive and multimedia show, Nox, over 70 times at the Montreal Science Center.

In 2006 he released a new album with Treizième Étage, L’asphalte dans mon district. In 2007 he gave a show at the Festival urbain de Trois-Rivières. In 2008 he recorded a solo album titled Si la tendance se maintient.

In August 2013 he announced via Facebook the November release of his last album Vagabond ma religion. In November 2018 he released French Amerikkka. Finally, in May 2019, the re-release of his mythical first album.

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